Building & Civil Engineering

Building, Developments & Refurbishments: residential, industrial, commercial and pharmaceutical.

Civil Engineering: CEM Services provides a diverse civil engineering contracting service, resulting from many years experience as main contractor in the execution of both large and small contracts across a varied spectrum, ranging from major motorway contracts, marine works, demolition, land reclamation & restoration, landfill capping, culvert and bridge construction, sewage and drainage schemes, water infrastructure and extensive experience in the provision of civil engineering related services to the petro chemical industry.

Reinforced Concrete: An essential component of any civil engineering project, therefore CEM has extensive experience in foundations, slabs, precast concrete installation, carparks, ring beams, ground beams and bespoke reinforced concrete structures in the marine and petro chemical industries.

Earthworks: CEM has a vast and varied history in all elements of earthworks including bulk excavations, rock excavations, groundworks, site clearance, site development, drainage, utility installation, landscaping, sports field development, fencing and site reinstatement.

Road Development: Historically RYANS were heavily involved in developing the road infrastructure throughout Munster and today road construction projects remain an important element of CEM’s portfolio with extensive experience in single carriageway and motorway construction, road realignment, service ducting, drainage, kerbing and paving, roundabout development, landscaping and traffic management.

Utilities: including oil, gas, electricity, telecommunications: CEM Services has been included in framework agreements charged with the delivery of new, and the maintenance of existing, infrastructure elements with several utility companies over the years. Typical utility installation contracts include site clearance, pipe stringing, welding, trenching, ducting, road crossings, stream crossings, sanding, backfilling, land drainage and reinstatement works.

Project Management: CEM is certified by the Construction Industry Federation (CIF) to act as the Project Supervisor for the Construction Stage (PSCS).

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