Refractory Linings

CEM Services have recently expanded our range of specialist services to include the installation and repairs to refractory linings. We now supply a range of refractory engineering services to the power generation, chemical, petrochemical, steel and cement industries.

CEM are a certified applicator of the Calderys range of refractory products and all operatives underwent training with their technical department. CEM can draw on Calderys significant expertise and experience to develop bespoke solutions for their clients.

Calderys is a world leader in monolithic refractories, and delivers top flight refractory products manufactured in its 18 production facilities spanning across 16 countries. Along with the materials, the company provides design, installation, maintenance, and repair service support as well. The comprehensive and strong performing product portfolio of Calderys is the result of innovative concepts, technological expertise, and over 100 years experience in the refractory business. Calderys is a reliable innovative refractory solution supplier that delivers consistent quality and brings you performance you can trust.

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