Structural Fire Protection

FP (3) HP-sCEM Services has an extensive history working in the Irish oil and gas industry and has responded to client requests to establish ourselves as an approved and certified applicator of passive fire protection systems.

Currently in the Republic of Ireland, CEM Services is the only approved supplier and applicator of the product Cafco Fendolite MII, as supplied by Promat UK Ltd. Cafco Fendolite MII is used to provide passive fire protection to the petrochemical industry and is also used extensively and internationally during the construction, refurbishment or upgrading of new and existing tunnel structures. Cafco Fendolite MII is a single package factory controlled premix, based on vermiculite and Portland cement. When spray-applied Cafco Fendolite MII produces a monolithic coating capable of withstanding thermal shocks experienced in a high intensity hydrocarbon fuelled fire. It is also highly durable and will not crack or spall under mechanical impact. Significantly, it prevents the spalling or explosion of the concrete surfaces during the required period of fire protection. (Typically this may be for two hours whilst maintaining a maximum concrete interface temperature of 380oC). Projects can be carried out on-site, or in our extensive off-site facilities including logistics management and installation of finished materials where appropriate.

Since our certification in 2011, we have continued to develop our experience and expertise in fireproofing, having recently completed the off-site application of Fendolite MII to 50T of structural steel including the on-site hook-up of the PFP coating post steel erection, as well as the fire proofing of a number of vessels and reactors at the Phillips 66 Whitegate Oil Refinery site. We have also completed an extensive three year programme of remedial works to existing fireproofed structures and vessels.

FP (5) HP-sSpecialising in hydrocarbon fire protection, our areas of operation include structural steelwork, vessels, tunnel linings, storage tanks and spheres for new construction or maintenance works for power stations, nuclear power, petrochemical, oil & gas, construction and pharmaceutical sites. A fire-resistant lightweight vermiculite coating is sprayed onto the item to be protected in accordance with the Hydrocarbon High Rise Temperature Curve providing fire resistance from 30 to 240 minutes.

We have developed, in conjunction with the oil and gas industry standards and Promat UK Ltd, a comprehensive quality control procedure to ensure all works are carried out to the correct specification of the various standards as set out by the governing bodies. As an approved and certified applicator of Cafco Fendolite MII, we would have the full support of the Promat technical team who would design the system to comply with client fire protection requirements.

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